Process Improvement

Managing Expectations & Managing Improvement

Have you often done some significant work to discover how to unlock the performance of your organization only to find that you have, after much work, uncovered many things which your peers already believed to be the source of the inefficiencies?  After so much work, you expected some blinding flashes of insight, but you got instead root causes … [Read More...] about Managing Expectations & Managing Improvement

Why Benchmarking Often Fails to Deliver Results

Like many things in life, benchmarking often fails just when you need it most.  In order to motivate organizations to improve, external yardsticks are often used to motivate action.  In many cases, this is framed by a point example.  For example, “…if HP can move from a computer company to a higher margin services company why can’t we?” might be a … [Read More...] about Why Benchmarking Often Fails to Deliver Results

Why Retrospectives are a Waste of Time

Retrospectives, also known as post mortems or project histories are commonly performed after the conclusion of a release.  Typically, they involve a subset of the team with a project manager or process manager facilitating a gripe session.  These meetings start with a token effort to brainstorm what went well (to placate the team members) and then … [Read More...] about Why Retrospectives are a Waste of Time

Best Practices in Applying ISO to Product Development

As the ISO standard continues to evolve, it is interesting to observe how successful companies have embraced the standard to increase the quality of their products and services, while balancing the pressures of time to market and product cost.

We were interested in learning how some of the best consumer electronics companies were implementing … [Read More...] about Best Practices in Applying ISO to Product Development

Managing Change by Measuring Behavior

Getting organizational change to make an impact is very difficult under the perfect situation, but getting an impact quickly and to achieve the desired results in most situations requires the perfect storm.

Rapid and effective change is more important now than it has every been given the current economic contraction and chaos over the last 18 … [Read More...] about Managing Change by Measuring Behavior

Lost in the Weeds

Some companies require up to 4 times the capital to reach the same place as a competitor.  How can that be?  The Silicon Valley way is to throw money at the problem (often by making expensive hires, for example), but is it the right solution to the right problem?  For example both Zazzle and Café Press compete in the custom designed clothing area, … [Read More...] about Lost in the Weeds