Product Development Checklist

To set your business apart from the competition, you need new ideas.  Introducing a new product or service can be the spark that ignites your success and propels your company to new heights.  However, simply having a new idea is only the first step. Evolving that concept into an actual product for your clients requires a lot of planning and hard work behind the scenes.  The product development phase is crucial, because even the best ideas can fall flat without the right execution.

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How To Avoid Bad Product Development Metrics

This Fall we were invited to present to the Silicon Valley Engineering Leadership Group, hosted at Varian in Palo Alto, California on the topics of product development metrics.  I describe the all too common situation where people use a bathroom scale as a dieting strategy!  You don't measure the result to get the result.  Yo need to measure the input metrics. In my experience at Apple and other technology organizations, we found that predictive metrics, those metrics that change rapidly and are indicative of the final results were instrumental in creating lasting improvement. 

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Powering the Product Development Process At Apple

The most important part of transforming the product process was to establish product development process tools like boundary conditions and out-of-bounds processes. Boundary conditions are a contract between the teams and management. At the start of each project, the team and management negotiate a contract around approximately five dimensions of a project:

  1. Product Cost

  2. Features

  3. Schedule

  4. Quality

  5. Reliability

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Seven Product Development Process Lessons from BOSE’s Blockbusters

I had the good fortune to work with Dr. Amar Bose and with the great company he founded. I helped to bring into the world two blockbuster products – BOSE’s Noise-Cancelling Headphones and the BOSE® Wave® Music System. Here are seven product development process lessons learned from our experience creating products enjoyed by millions of customers …

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